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Small Updates

When I started reading through everyone’s blogs this morning out of the corner of my eye I could see (then hear) Stella and Essie ripping around and playing outside. We have come a long way in a few years with those two and I am grateful.

The sky doesn’t know if it is going to be sunny or cloudy. It is still wonderfully warm though. Stella is in here on her back in front of the AC. Essie is outside. Ahhh here she comes inside. She has taken her spot in front of the bedroom door.

For those of you who have asked Chris’s procedure went well and he is sore but still doing pretty good all things considered. He has his mancave set up so he can recoup in there as well as in the rest of the house.

I did too much yesterday but seeing Chris unable to do much spurred me on. Laundry is all put away, the floors are swept in the kitchen and utility room, kitchen rugs are cleaned, the freezer is de-iced and trash is out. I didn’t have the energy to get the few bit of dirty dishes. I may try to conquer those when I get home tonight. I also cleaned out the mouse cage. I am kicking myself today but I am tired of not being able to do anything because of my back. By the looks of the work schedule most of the night shift is coming in at 11am and working until close. Gonna be a long night for most of us it seems.

I did get my Cthulhu crate yesterday and it is amazing! I have kind of picked bits and pieces to read. It really is a fun experience. I have shared stuff on my social media accounts. I took the small tin to bed last night and went through that before I fell asleep.

I think I will check my plants to see who needs to be watered. I need to start checking them several times a week again. The house is getting very dry. My orchid is almost ready to bloom.

I will share what photos I can. I did go through and delete quite a few the other day but it was hard. I had to go back through photos of Moose before he died. But before I head down that road I will wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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