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Dis and Dat

Today is a day off. I am still very very tired. Chris has his procedure today so I think we will leave around noon or so. I’m not sure what time to get him up. We are both pretty tired.

Essie and I aren’t too sold on the AC units going all the time. We did get both units in (one on the master bedroom and the other in the living room) before work yesterday. The constant blowing of air chills both Essie and I and my coffee doesn’t stay warm for very long. Stella is stretched out on the couch on the opposite side that the AC is so maybe she feels the same. It just feels too busy. Something is always moving.

I should get my Cthulhu Crate today for those that are interested. I will take photos and share them tomorrow. I am very excited! I got bones for the girls so when we get home Chris can relax in his office and everyone else will be occupied.

I am making my werewolf novel too big. I have so much background that I feel that I need to include. A few ideas I had included putting a bunch of short stories together that were all connected with that history. Maybe the initial story that I have been working on needs to be boiled down into a short story and then the rest of the stuff I am pulling together becomes part of the mythos of the collection? I think that is where I am leaning. There is just some much I want to put in there but that would make the original story just a blip.

The morning is overcast. That is good because it makes us slow down. I feel like it has been go, go ,go. Last night went pretty well. Two more shifts where I am manager then I am gas for the night. Not sure what next week will bring. I’ll probably have Tuesday off for physical therapy and a meeting that night.

Sorry this is all over the place. I am tired and my thoughts are still disjointed. I’ll add a few photos and get this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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