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Looking at the Good

I am still here. It is a near thing though. I haven’t had time to answer all the comments that you have left. I will do that once I get this posted. I want to only talk about the good things that have happened the past few days. There isn’t much but I am tired of only seeing the negative lately.

I think the coolest thing is that I am gonna be in a video game… and a werewolf! One of the guys I work with is learning to make video games. This time he and his girlfriend are going to make one together. I got asked yesterday if they could name a werewolf character after me. I was flattered and said yes immediately. I will see what my character will look like as soon as she is finished. I can even make suggestions (since both my coworker and myself love the color violet I suggested putting a purple streak in my fur but I am thinking violet eyes might be cool too).

We has a beautiful sunset last night. I missed a few great photos because I didn’t pull over on the way home but I still had some awesome colors once I got home. Once again the camera (I use my phone camera because the Nikon washes out the color dramatically) didn’t get all the purples and pinks that were actually in the sky but it is still a good shot.

It rained last night. That is a good thing because it has been very hot in the house for the girls. We plan to put the AC units in the windows today before I go to work. The yard also needed the rain. Even with the lush grass (that I still need to mow) things were getting dried out.

Dad and I had a good chat on Monday. He is doing well. Mom is continuing to move forward with her plans to move out here. She has a potential buyer for her place. Now we just need to find her a place out here with us. Oh and Chris got his guitar yesterday. We were worried about it getting left on the porch in the elements so I suggested leaving the garage door open and have the delivery person leave it in there. Neither of us was too keen on keeping the garage open while no one was home but alls well. I haven’t seen it yet. I’m sure it is up on the wall ready to play.

That is my list of good things. I will add what photos I can (I might not have much room left on here… I still need to go back and delete some of my early pictures for more room). Thank you for sticking with me through the past few days. I appreciate the support. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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