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Taking Baby Steps

First off I want to thank everyone for their kind words and support. Hopefully I can get and MRI soon so we can actually get things figured out with my back. Truthfully it isn’t any better this morning but I am going to see if I can atleast get something written before I go to physical therapy.

Yesterday at work was pretty miserable but my coworkers did their best to help me get through my shift. Oh and a mask update… we are no longer the mask police. Masks are not required to enter our stores. Unless you work there. Then they are required. Even if you are not working. No one is particularly thrilled at this announcement but what can you do?

I keep looking at the clock. I couldn’t sleep so I have been up since a little after 6am. My mind knows that it is a day off and wants to just relax (it is going to stay sunny so we will probably be spending a lot of the day outside). I don’t want to go to physical therapy but if I want insurance to cover the MRI I need to go.

What the…??? There was a rather large shadow outside the sliding glass door. It was a big bird of some kind. Glad I closed the door after the girls came in. Otherwise I’m pretty sure I would be trying to get a bird out of the house.

The girls are curled up and sleeping together on the couch. Essie did not eat anything yesterday. I did get her to eat some chicken from my sandwich last night and this morning she happily ate so I’m thinking it was because I did not feel good. She just stayed out here with me yesterday.

I see by the clock that I need to get going. I will add a few photos today. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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