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And the Next Spicy Nugget…

Sooooo glad that day is over! 😱 Wow! From beginning to end! So after I posted this I decided to take a few photos before I left. I have acquired several tulips that I never planted. Lol. We also have ivy that is growing all over because I feel guilty cutting it down. Well no more! As I was walking across the yard (why does my cursor disappear along with what I am typing every few lines?) with my camera around my neck when my foot caught in a bit of the ivy root that was coming out of the ground. I tried to catch myself several times but couldn’t so I fell in this awkward twisted position so I could protect my camera. And I did. Meanwhile I sprained my right ankle, both my wrists and I will have a lovely bruise on my right hip. Oh and apparently I all but crushed the camera to my chest because it hurts in the middle of my chest. I’m sure there is more but that is the immediate aftermath. And yes I did jack up my back some more.

So I go to work (I really wanted to call in but I was closing manager). I let everyone know what happened so I don’t have to explain multiple times why I am limping. (Make the gossip grapevine work for you I say!) I get through my shift. Everyone has gone home but our produce manager who has come in to stock after a busy day. I hear someone using the bottle and can machines outside and continue count down my drawers. After about 30 minutes or so the machines stopped. The produce manager stuck his head in to see how I was doing. We chit chatted and he ducked into the office next door to wait for me (I am forever grateful). A few minutes later the guy who had been filling up the machines starts knocking on the windows. First the glass doors then around to the gas window. We give no response so he starts pounding harder on all the glass windows and doors. Then he starts yelling while he pounds. We thought he would break the glass! So the produce manger goes to the gas window while the guy is pounding and screaming at us and tells him that he needs to leave. The guy (obviously something is wrong with him be it alcohol or some thing else) bellows that he wants us to cash in his bottle slips. He is politely told no that he needs to come back when the store is open. After a heated exchange (on his part, the produce manager was calm) he declared that he hated us and was never coming back. After the guy left I tried to hustle my way through the last of my counting so we could get the hell out of there.

Once I got home and got Angus parking in the garage I had to go back out to get stuff I’d forgotten three separate times! Sigh… And of course we stayed up late because there was no way I was sleepy after all that. It was blue sky when we got up the thick clouds have come it. Not fair! The past few days have been beautiful! I get a day off and the sun disappears. Oh well, the girls and I will be outside regardless. And it is time to get there. Thanks for reading and have a great day! Stay safe!

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