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Work Dramas

Spring is definitely in the air. The sun has been out the past few days (even with cloudy beginnings to the day), things are growing and getting green (despite the overnight freeze warnings) and the girls are actually playing with each other. That last thing is a biggie. In the past we have had problem with fighting with the girls. It was a dominance thing. Part of it was because we had Moose but the other part was a mixture of things. Since things have been going so well with the girls I decided to give them soup bones again and see what happens. The last time I gave them soup bones there was aggression on Stella’s part. I got them soup bones for Saturday. That way both Chris and I will be home. Just today and tomorrow…..

I am not sure what I need to do at work. As I mentioned before my neighbor is also my coworker. She either calls in or leaves early anymore. I thought she was going to stay her full shift since I offered her an early out (the drama was amazing). She surprised me by saying she would stay. Then her last break came around and suddenly she could barely breathe etc. So I sent her home. But who comes ripping up behind me and passed me on the way home from work with her boyfriend on the back of his motorcycle? I don’t think she realized that it was me until I came up behind them to turn down our road. I don’t like being lied to. She is supposed to work in the deli tonight (which she hates) so I don’t know if I will be at a register or in the deli tonight.

Essie has just come in. Long enough to give me kisses and get some love. Then she went back outside. Stella has come in and is laying in the sun on the kitchen floor. I so wish it was Saturday right now. I am over work and drama. I just want to spend time with Chris and the girls at home.

The next two days will be long, 11am til 8pm. Tomorrow I am manager so I will probably be home around 9:30pm. Maybe later if we are really busy. It could go with way. Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend and that is when the tourists start arriving enmass. Which also signifies the beginning of our busy season. And with less people working this will be interesting.

I’m gonna wrap this up so I can start getting ready for work. I hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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