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It is cold and windy outside. No one wanted to get up this morning. Least of all me. But we did. I figured I would take care of the girls and do this before I left for the meeting. When I get back I will write the two articles and send them in.

I got a lot done yet nothing at all yesterday. Does that make sense? I did dishes, worked on my novel, wrote my penpal… but the list is longer of things that I did not do. Like vacuum, call my parents, play enough with the girls clean the bedding (ours and theirs). My mind is trying to build up a case to not keep my new position at the store. It is a big change but I can do it. If I can talk my mind off of the ledge. My new anxiety is probably the hardest part of taking the promotion.

I keep looking at the clock to make sure I’m not running late. It is gonna be close. I have both girls in the living room so there won’t be too much hassle when I get home. I don’t have to be at work until 2pm.

The girls and I did play yesterday. Essie and I seemed to be equally tired though. The sun did come out and stay for a few hours so that made things more tolerable if chilly.

Sorry this is so short. I gotta fly. Thanks for reading and stay safe! And thanks for the continued support!❤️

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