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I am trying my hardest not to be angry right now. It is not easy. My alarm was set for 6:45am. I have gotten maybe 2 hours of sleep because I could not get comfortable. Then at 6:22am (I know because I had just looked at the clock) Essie had to go out. She couldn’t wait another 15 minutes. And she was out until about 5 minutes before my alarm went off. It’s not her fault. She had an upset tummy.

Stella got up when I was supposed to and had her breakfast then went potty. Both girls are back in bed. I wish I was back in bed too. All these physical therapy appointments were made when I wasn’t working nights all the time. I just have three more so it seems silly to change them now. I just want them over with. But then it will be make another appointment to see the doctor so we can set up an appointment to get an MRI done on my back.

I have no idea what my therapist will try today. I don’t think much. At the last appointment she said that she would let my doctor know that therapy wasn’t working so I didn’t have to come for the last few appointments. I told her I had to have them in order for insurance to let me get an MRI to see what is wrong. So she said we’d just try not to make things worse.

The summer is going to be fun if we have to enforce the masks. All the people from downstate don’t wear them anymore. Then there are the ones up here who either have been vaccinated and think that they don’t have to wear them or they are just not going to wear them. I am tired of having things thrown at me. It is company policy. I didn’t make the rules. There seem to be more and more people getting nasty about having to wear a mask in the store. We had two guys wear their handguns into the store and no masks. Since I was manager guess who got to go ask them to put on masks (and for the record we provide masks if they don’t have one to wear)? Yeah, that was fun. The one guy threw his food when I finally cornered him (he kept ducking around corners) and his buddy completely ignored me (that didn’t work either because when he got to the check out he had to put one on to check out).

I guess I had better wrap this up so I can go to physical therapy. Essie keeps getting in and out of bed again. She stayed in there for about 30 minutes this time before she started getting restless. It’s gonna be a long day. I hope yours goes well. Thanks for reading and be safe.

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