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Brief but colorful

My body just would not let me sleep last night. I got maybe three hours if I was lucky. Work went really well. I was surprised at how much I remembered from working in the deli last (which was a few months ago). So go me!

I’m not looking forward to today. Just get it over with. No schedule yet for next week. I guess someone turned in some day off requests very late (like Friday morning late). I’m really hoping for Monday off, The sun is out so we will probably be busy today.

Not sure what is going on with either the laptop of the WordPress site right now. I’ll be typing along and everything just stops working. No key strokes are registered etc. Very annoying.

I did get some interesting last minute photos yesterday. After I got home Essie just was running up and down the fence barking like crazy. Well it turns out that it was a neighbor’s dog that had gotten loose and decided to come over for a visit. I got a few photos of him. The clouds last night were really cool so there are a lot of those. I will need to pick and chose since I still haven’t taken the time to clean out my old photos from here.

Sorry this is so short. I have a bunch of stuff to do before I head out to work today. I hope you like the photos! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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