Creating New Worlds

Excuse me while I go get a fresh cup of coffee…. Ok. I need all the help I can get this morning. I did get my article written and sent out though. We awoke to pouring rain and dark skies this morning. It is still chilly. We had a freeze warning last night. I am hoping that all the plants faired well. I didn’t have enough to cover all the plants so I didn’t cover any of them. It felt like I was playing favorites. having to chose which ones to cover. Everything looks so lush and green despite the neverending cold. I am grateful.🌱

Tonight things will be switched up again at work. I will be in the deli. It has been months since I have worked in the deli. Hopefully it all comes back to me. Then tomorrow night will be my second solo close. I am looking at that with mixed feelings. It will be a long shift regardless.

I am excited to see all kinds of new faces on my reading list for WordPress! I try to add a few new reads every week (atleast as much as WordPress will let me). I am always amazed at the variety of content yet the similarity of many of us.

I not only reread four chapters of the book I am beta reading but I also sent the author an email. She responded within a few hours saying she understood because her schedule too has been all over the place. She hasn’t had time to look at anything yet. I also did a bit of research and took notes for the novel. I keep adding to the story so I’m not sure what to do with it. Do I try to cram it all into one long book? Do I do a (gulp) series? I just don’t know. The way things are developing I might have to do a series. I might be working on the last novel in the series. I am finding a lot of backstory that I find not only interesting but I think necessary for this novel. I can give enough to keep the story moving along but I think that I would like to explore the backstories more. What am I doing to myself? lol

Despite the drowsiness of the day I find my mind wandering. It is going back to my novel. So I think I will wrap this up and pull that out to work on. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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