The Sky Is Cryin’

I just can’t this morning. I did my best to get to bed early last night but I didn’t sleep well. Then as I was scrolling through reading various posts I saw a photo of a boy that looked like he could be Moose’s brother. Turns out he had to be put down because he had eaten his third rock (he had to have expensive surgery to remove the previous two rocks because they had become lodged). He was only two or three years old. So I left a short message giving my condolences and my bruised heart has a few more cracks. And the tears are flowing.

I can hear the peepers out back. The dawn is dark. It could be dusk. We are supposed to have rain all day. We had storms last night. The wind isn’t sure if it is coming or going.

I have my physical therapy this morning. I am tempted to give it a miss. I just don’t want to go. I want to sleep. I don’t want to go to work either. I am gas/courtesy counter again tonight. I stayed last night to try to get more comfortable with the closing process and ask questions. That was with Dawn. Matt closes tonight. Dawn suggested stayed late with Matt as well tonight. While it is a very good idea I don’t think I can. I have tomorrow off and my heart just isn’t in it. I just want to be home.

On days like this I hear Stevie Ray Vaughn singing “The Sky Is Crying” in my head.

I hate going into physical therapy with anger issues but I am today. I hurt, physical therapy is not helping, I am mentally drained… I’m just glad everyone here is asleep in bed. Then they don’t have to deal with me.

Goals over the next few days include going through photos on here, in my phone and on my Nikon. We’ll see how I do. I hope everyone has a great day. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

2 thoughts on “The Sky Is Cryin’”

  1. Hoping to make your day better- Ike is still on the planet because the vet tech at my friend’s clinic paid for his third rock surgery (3rd time is a charm, we all hope) and she has since adopted him. Its not the happy ending we wanted with Ike but its not the devastating loss that could have been. Not now, anyhow and hopefully not ever. Be well, be healthy!

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