Setting the Mood

This morning we woke to snow on the porch. It is chilly enough that the birds are singing a lot less and no one is sure if it is rain, snow or ice coming down from the sky. It is in constant flux. As we all are. One day things are fine and the next nothing can go right.

I brought home two candles from work. They are locally made and soy based. I really enjoy the subtle scents from both. I have one lit beside me as I type this. It is called Sail Away. I can envision myself on a warm beach somewhere watching boats in the distance. With a soft warm breeze…. The other candle is Lavender Dreams. It has a very soft scent that is very relaxing. I got them both free because they were “damaged.” The tops had melted a bit so they looked a bit messy when you took the lid off. They each also have a cool carved Petoskey stone. It is carved in the shape of the lower peninsula. For those of you unfamiliar with the state of Michigan we have an upper and lower peninsula.

I also brought home two more Gerber daisies. Don’t judge. They were only $1.99 each. And they asked me to bring them home. Lol. With the weather the way it is I guess I will have to make my own Spring! We had a lot of rain yesterday but if the temperatures dropped enough to make snow I can only imagine what it did to the plants and such as they essentially froze. My clump of daffodils is defiantly done. They are droopy and wilted. The flowers look like they are made of a dirty clear wax. I worry about the local farmers. This has got to be reeking havoc on their plants!

I am trying not to think about my back. It hurt enough while I was sleeping that I dreamed I had been in an accident and pretty much all my dreams after that I was in pain in my dreams. I’m not quiet sure what I did to cause this. I have physical therapy again tomorrow morning (please let me remember) so I guess we’ll see what happens. I think I have yet a third person for my therapist tomorrow. Sigh…

I didn’t get any new photos yesterday. I’m not sure what today will bring. I need to try to relax but there are things that I want/need to do. Tomorrow is my first day as a manager in training. Wheee… Everyone seems pretty happy for me so I feel better about things.

I think I will wrap this up for now. I’ll add a few new pictures from the other day that I didn’t share. Thanks for reading and the wonderful comments! Stay safe!

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