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Inclement Weather In and Out

Oh the weird world that is my lack of sleep! Last night Essie insisted that I bring my book in the bedroom and read in there. I had been reading on the loveseat. She would come and get me like she wanted to go outside but she would head for the bedroom. On the third hint is said ok and we all went in. Around 1:30am she started getting restless because she didn’t feel good (I guess she didn’t eat dinner). She was all over the bed then in and out of the bed. I offered to let her outside but she would not go. Finally around 2:30am she got up in a hurry and was getting sick. Chris got her outside in time. She seemed like she didn’t feel much better when she came in. She just sat down on the floor and looked so sad and woebegone… I sat on the floor and loved on her for a few minutes before she was ready to go back to bed. Stella meanwhile had gotten jealous of the attention and did a few quick short zoomies through the house. She finally got in bed with us and we tried to get back to sleep. Rotating cuddle bugs and my back kept me moving around the bed a lot.

Last night and this morning the fog has been very thick. You can barely see across our yard. I did discover something cool last night. We have several peepers in the big pond by the deck! So we get sung to every night. The light has to be out though. Very seldom will you hear them sing with the outside light on.

The grass is growing thick and green in the backyard with all this rain. The trees and plants are budding like crazy too. I had better wrap this up so I can get going. I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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