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Powerful Even When Powerless

Well this morning has started out very interesting! Total silence outside (there are people back down the two track to the west that have a generator going 24/7). I also got a text from work saying they had no power. And I have no idea when this post will upload because apparently our internet is out. My phone did not charge last night so I am on the floor in the living room plugged in to my speed charger. Incase you haven’t guessed we have power. I stuck my head outside and there are a few people with no lights but not many. I am guessing either Cherryland Electric or Consumers Energy is having the problem. Unless it is something work specific now that I am thinking on it. I think work has the same electric company we do.

Essie got up with me and ate some breakfast but Stella hasn’t gotten up at all. I’m not sure if she’s mad at me or if it’s the new dog food I am mixing with our regular stuff. Or both.

I have the window open slightly and I’ve been listening to a bat search for food. Nature is definitely in Spring mode!

I had to bury a rabbit yesterday. It showed up next to the house yesterday morning. Essie was barking like she was trying to get something to react to her. It was the rabbit but it was in really bad shape. By the time I got back home from town it had dragged itself a few feet from where it had been and was all but gone. About an hour or so later it died. I buried it out behind the garage and put a chunk of cement on the grave so hopefully it won’t get dug up.

I didn’t get a whole lot done yesterday due to not being able to breathe properly (funny considering yesterday’s blog title). I did get the way to Moose’s grave cleared completely and I got fresh dirt mixed in around the memorial garden. That was probably too much to do but I needed to do something. I played as much as I could with the girls.

I got a lot of photos though. Both with the phone camera and the Nikon. I will sift through those and share what I can. It is so wonderfully quiet this morning…. being able to hear the bat hunt in the front yard is really cool.❤️ I need to download photos so I can (oooo! an owl is out there too!) be ready for work whenever the power comes back on. Thanks for reading and stay safe! I hope everyone has a great day!

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