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Yesterday’s highlight was coming home and finding a letter from my penpal that lives in Maryland. Even though her letter was full of her and her life as well as being a little over five pages it still feels woefully short. I really enjoy talking to and learning from a person who has no preconceived notions. We haven’t seen each other nor talked other than our letters. We can just be ourselves and reveal the vulnerable stuff. Having to wait for a response for a few weeks makes each letter that more special.

The bad news did the week is that since my order took so long to fill it got cancelled. So I am back to square one for a laptop. it is very frustrating because I really liked the one we finally chose. Sigh.

After work I come home and get the girls for their vet appointment. Annual physicals and then heartworm as well as the flea and tick medicine. I keep getting worried about Essie. She finally ate this morning (she didn’t eat breakfast or dinner yesterday) but my concern is the lumps she has been accumulating. I know dogs get fatty masses as they get older but she collecting them like rare baseball cards. I just hope her cancer doesn’t come back. Right now she is softly snoring on the couch.❤️

No rain but the wind has picked up again. We need the rain though. Rain has been predicted off and in this week but everything seems to be in constant flux. Speaking of which in need to get the flux out of here. I hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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