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Making Plans

My April Fool’s article from last year has finally been published! The paper didn’t do an April Fool’s issue last year due to the pandemic hitting hard. I have to say that this one and the one from the year before about sharks in the lakes are my favorites! The shark one is actually based in fact. A shark could survive in our lakes (not all sharks are salt water).

More and more birds are arriving. There was a big beautiful Raven in the deck yesterday along with a Robin. Several Robins have been hanging out the past few days. My bird book has been busy as I try to figure out who the new visitors are. I am hoping to be good enough with my camera that I can get some photos of the hummingbirds this year.

I have started a new bit of research for the werewolf novel. I truly don’t know how much of all this will end up in the book. A good part of this research is to flesh out my characters and their backgrounds. One of my problems is that I haven’t experienced some of my locations and I want to get things right. I know I won’t get everything right but I want to do as much as I can.

I have to keep clock watching this morning. I usually have Saturdays off but I work today and have tomorrow off. I also need to leave myself enough time to load up the car with bottles. I have to make sure I have enough for the girls’ vet appointment on Tuesday. I will probably ask to pick the medicine up on Thursday (the office is closed on Wednesdays). That will be a big load off my mind. With the early Spring this year I want the girls on both heartworm medication and the flea and tick medicine. I think we will need it this year. Normally we don’t worry about it.

My mind really wants to stay home. I am already thinking on the novel and the gardens outside (the weather might be staying warm enough that I can uncover the plants and ground without worrying about them getting too damaged by freezing at night). The packets of seeds that I have are whispering to me….

But I need to get some pictures downloaded for here (and try not to add more to my Picfair account just yet… not enough time). Thanks for reading and stay safe!

7 thoughts on “Making Plans”

  1. You actually wrote that article? The author’s name is pretty funny. A werewolf novel…what is driving you to write that? I’m just curious because I like to hear how people come up with their ideas and on top of that expand ideas to make a whole novel!

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    1. Lol. I did write it. I’m glad you enjoyed it. As to the novel I have written several (all unpublished) about werewolves. (I prefer them over vampires.). My ideas just sort of happen. I see something and I think “what if” and go from there. I have been researching werewolves and lycanthropy off and on for several years. The case histories alone are a lot of story fodder. I will try the short story format and if that works great but if it doesn’t then I get to add more information and story. 😁

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      1. Thanks for that input. I get these good ideas and think about how the story can go… Then I drop off. I have a whole bunch of stories started. I think what I have to do is write outlines. I started this one story and thought it was really good but I totally forgot how I wanted to have the plot go…it is sitting there now.

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