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Early Morning Blues and Greys

There was a hard frost this morning. The skies are clear and cold. I have been awake since 4am despite my best efforts. And as soon as my body decided it was awake my brain started up. I did try all my little mind tricks to get back to sleep but no joy. I had hoped since I went to bed much later than I should have (binge watched the Formula 1 series Drive to Survive on Netflix) I would be able to sleep through longer than the usual four hours before my body wakes itself up.

I let the doctor talk me into physical therapy. Well it’s more like I have to do physical therapy if I want to get an MRI. Apparently you can’t find out what is wrong until you try to fix it first. πŸ™„ More test results are pending.

I did get some really good photos yesterday though. The birds were VERY busy at our bird feeder yesterday. I will share those today. I uploaded a few more photos to my Picfair page as well.

I see that I need to get going (wake up way early yet still not enough time?). I need a few extra minutes to download the photos. Hope you like them! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

7 thoughts on “Early Morning Blues and Greys”

  1. Some cracking images of the birds in there Jen πŸ™‚

    That little pied is a real beauty and is the third along at the top a woodpecker?

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      1. Excellent – l have on occasion a woody visit the garden, not as frequent as my previous garden, back then l had two varieties. Here l only encounter the Green woodpecker.

        In the old garden l used to see more frequently – Lesser spotted woodpecker and the Green, but l have also seen the third of our species here the Great spotted woodpecker πŸ™‚

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      2. Wow! I have seen… let me check my book here…. the red bellied woodpecker, yellow bellied sapsucker, the northern flicker and the big one is a pileated woodpecker. This year has been much busier in terms of birds. The variety has seriously increased in our yard. I also need to get some bat houses put up this year (mind you I say this every year πŸ™„).

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  2. Haha Jen, we both said this last year l remember, you said Bat boxes, l said bird Boxes, but l also need to get some bat boxes up myself πŸ™‚

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