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Sealed In

It’s like we’ve been sealed into the gloomy skies this morning. I let the girls out and you could see a bit of blue sky like you were looking through the crack as a lid of clouds closed up on a bowl of dark clouds. Looking out now there is no blue sky to be seen.

I need to call and get the girls in fir their annual physicals. I think this year we will do the flea and tick medicine as well as heartworm. With the mosquitoes coming out as early as they have I don’t trust any of the bugs. I will call today to see when I can get them in. Hopefully soon.

My appointment is tomorrow morning. More tests had better be run because I am miserable. The pain is getting worse. Trying to do just basic stretches brings tears from sharp pains. My mobility is almost nil in the morning.

I keep hoping for an email saying my laptop has shipped. There was supposed to be a delay but no one has said when or how long. According to the site it is supposed to get here the beginning of next week. Is that correct or is the delay longer than that? I’m not sure. I do hope it arrives on my day off so that I can get familiar with it and get a few programs installed.

I did get quite a few photos yesterday so I will be able to pick and choose what to share. The skies were very photogenic all day yesterday. It was wonderfully warm despite the wind. The grass is getting greener and the plants are growing taller. ❤️🌱 Spring is pushing it’s way in. I even heard the peepers the other night!

I’d better wrap this up. I hope you like the photos! Thanks for all the support and for reading! Stay safe!

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