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This morning is dark and grey. My attitude is similar. I am back to not feeling good and my back has made me feel all but immobile this morning (all night really). My lab work came back. Both the first and second rounds of lab work day that there is nothing wrong. So apparently it is all in my head. THIS is why I don’t go to the doctor. $120 later and there is nothing wrong. Sigh…

I had a little extra and I treated myself yesterday.

I have loved Godzilla since I was little. ❤️ When I went to Hollywood and was on the Walk of Fame I found Godzilla’s star. I have several Godzilla goodies that I have collected over the years. Ahhhhh the Saturdays spent watching Godzilla and Ultraman!

I keep telling myself that I only have to make it til 6pm tonight then one more day. I plan to atleast start working on the Pearl (for those who don’t know she is my ‘92 Honda CBR600). There is a lot of work to be done because she has been sitting for a few years but if I can do one thing every day off I will be happy with myself. So my goal is to just get the gas tank off. Not a big deal nor is it that difficult but it will be a start.

My other goal is to start working with my butterfly knife. I love knives and swords. This will be my second butterfly knife. It it lighter and a bit sturdier than its predecessor so it will be easier to handle and learn to do tricks. The cool thing is that it came with a practice blade (Chris kindly switched it out for me… the photo is of the live blade) so I don’t have to worry about getting hurt while learning the tricks.

I got my letter to my Stateside penpal sent out yesterday. I really enjoy having a penpal again. ❤️ That being said I should write to my Aunt and Uncle in Florida. It has been a while. 🙄

I don’t have many new photos to share but I will post what I can. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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