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Small Steps

I didn’t do much with my phone yesterday. I should be done writing my blog by now but it seems to be blowing up (my phone that is). I tried to quick catch up on messages I missed (I felt like crap all day and night so I pretty much ignored my phone) and some of the people who messaged me were up and messaged back.😳 So I politely tried to nip things in the bud. The girls were out here with me but both have gone back to bed with Chris.

I thought about skipping this today. I truly had nothing new to say and I am still not feeling very well. I thought about calling in but the next check goes for my car payment.

One of my coworkers got me this adorable solar powered light. It’s a shaggy black and white dog wearing glasses. The glasses are where the lights are. She said he reminded her of Minions which reminded her of me. ❤️

I am itching to get gardening. Even if it hurts physically. I just need to be outside growing things again. I don’t want to do too much with this warm streak incase we get bad weather again. I do need to get myself some crocus bulbs to plant though. Those and daffodils are such great signs of Spring after a long winter.

I’ll add a few photos I took and wrap this up. I hope to get some writing done on my novel(s) before work. Thanks for reading! Stay safe!

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