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Mmmfff… whaaat?

It’s dark both inside and out. I managed to get to sleep but Stella kept barking at weird times. I went to bed not feeling that great and woke up same. I have written myself a note so I remember to go to get my labs done after work.

I just want to sleep until…. whenever. Until I finally catch up. My focus isn’t all there. But I hope to be able to work on my novel(s) when I get home tonight. We’ll see. I have a bag for each of them with the current lot of research materials. I add as I go for the research stuff. I am trying to do research if I’m not actively writing in the novel.

I got my meeting next week added to my time off requests. I’d almost forgotten with everything going on. If I had remembered I would have made my doctor appointment for that morning. Oh well. We’ll see how the schedule looks. Hopefully I get next Monday and Saturday off. Not Monday and Tuesday.

Yesterday ended up being a beautiful day. The sun came out and it warmed up some. Problem was the wind picked up quite a bit. But the sun made a huge difference so we’ll take it! Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. The weekend is supposed to warm right up so we’ll probably be very busy.

I need to wrap this up so I can head out the door. Thanks for reading and thanks for all the comments! It’s awesome to hear from my readers! Stay safe!❤️

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