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News… To Be Continued

The recommended medicine had the reverse effect on my body last night. So instead of sleep I got sharp pains starting at 4:30am. I was planning on going to get my bloodwork done this morning before work but I just couldn’t. I was so desperate to get some sleep. I still am. So the new goal is tomorrow after work. I get out at 2pm so if I am lucky I can be back home before Chris leaves for work.

The two big concerns are colon cancer and Crohn’s disease. Thus further tests. I didn’t go into Traverse and look at laptops (or fix my phone) yesterday. I got groceries and came home. Essie especially was happy to see me. I think she thought I was going to work when I left.

The afternoon weather was rain/snow/sleet. I got some decent photos with the camera. I am finally starting to get the hang of things. (One reason I’ve not moved onto the next lesson in my camera course is that I want to make sure I have a handle on the current lesson.) I think I got some good shots. Let me know what you think!

I really miss Moose right now. My body is rebelling against me so I think I will wrap this up. I hope you like the photos. Thanks for reading and for all the support! Stay safe!

5 thoughts on “News… To Be Continued”

  1. Wow. Your pictures are turning out great! I also had a rough night. Woke at 3am and just couldn’t go back to sleep. Finally got up at 6am took some Tylenol and laid back down. Maybe I got some really choppy sleep? Not even sure. I hope you get some answers soon about your health. It’s hard not knowing. Have a good day!

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