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Working Through the Anxiety

I sit here in the dark with Essie waiting to head out the door to go to the doctor. Part of me wishes I had gone for a later time. I am just so tired. I’ve been clock watching and dozing since 5am.

I got a lot done yesterday but I still forgot “little” things I wanted to do like putting the cleaner down the drains or setting everything out for today. It’s no big deal but it feels like it.

I repotted the avocados. Well I put them in dirt. I pulled the bag of Miracle Gro dirt in to warm up. I didn’t want to shock the poor things. They seem to be doing ok so far. I am debating about repotting a few other plants but I’d rather do it while it’s nice outside.

The house got vacuumed, dishes got done, laundry got done. I even spent some time on my novels (yes both of them). It’s not much but it’s something. Nervous energy.

I’ve been going over my list of issues to ask the doctor. That hasn’t helped my anxiety. And there is no telling if or when I will get answers to my questions.

And I think I might come straight home after my appointment. I don’t know how long my appointment will take so I am leery about setting up an appointment to get my phone fixed. That and I just don’t want to drive to Traverse. I think the most I will do is get groceries afterwards.

Time to get gone. I didn’t take many photos yesterday but I will share what I have. I’ll make it a point to take some today. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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