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Another late night. I just couldn’t shut my brain off. At work there was a lot of tears as a coworker’s current situation unintentionally opened old wounds for others. I did my best to listen, hug and dry tears.

Physically I hurt. It’s mostly my core. Then the anxiety kicks in for Wednesday’s doctor appointment. I don’t want to go. I don’t like doctors. I made my appointment for early in the morning so I wouldn’t be pacing around the house til I had to go.

I have Tuesday and Wednesday off this week. So I work straight through the weekend. I figured I would get Wednesday and Saturday off. So we’ll see how that works.

I made myself stay in bed this morning. I was awake at 7:30am but I was still wiped out from yesterday. I did finally fall back asleep and actually feel better for it.

Essie is following me as I wander through the house. My anxiety keeps ratching up. Part of me wishes that I had Thursday off instead of Tuesday. I think I will add some photos and wrap this up. My anxiety is getting the best of me. I’m sorry this isn’t a more meaningful or positive post. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

14 thoughts on “Anxieties”

      1. Got it! Apparently they switch the photos around. 🙄 It is one of those wind whirlie gigs. The orange ball is glass and actually glows in the dark (when it has sunshine to absorb) and the petals catch the wind and whirl around in a circle. There is a small sun face in the front. It had a second layer of petals that moved as well but the piece that kept them in broke. It is really cool to see both sets of petals going in the wind!

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      2. Ahh a whirly giggy thing then it is 🙂

        I loved the smiley rock, but the whirly really captivated me too 🙂

        Thanks for the heads up 🙂

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