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Spring Sneaking In

I got things done yesterday. Things I wanted to do for once. I got a book review written and sent in to two places, I started the second review, I got some research done on my novels (not writing persay but it will be used for both books), laundry got done AND I even did some gardening with my indoor plants. I really want to start outside but I don’t trust Mother Nature to be quite done with the cold just yet.

I also got some really nice photos both inside and out. The one with the robin (yay! We got our first robin!) isn’t the best because I had to sneak my phone from beside me so I wouldn’t spook him. The Nikon only had the short lens on. Once I took the photo I just made it bigger so you could actually see the bird.

I keep looking at the clock and thinking I have time but then I remember the time change. The one clock that is supposed to change on it’s own did not. And of course that is the one I keep looking at.

So this will be a short one. I will try to read some more of your posts before I head to work. Thank you all so much for reading and reaching out. Stay safe!

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