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Where’s That Pause Button Again?

I tried to sleep in. I swear I did. I don’t feel good and the girls are gonna drive me nuts vying for my attention. I just felt really tired when I went to bed last night but on waking this morning…. miserable.

I found that the three digital books I received finally downloaded to my Kindle. So now I can start reading in earnest. I am a beta reader for a novelist (which means I also need to be taking notes) and I need to review the others.

Writing this on my phone is also making me crazy (er). My screen is cracked in the one corner and is making it difficult to keep my typing accurate. I keep having to go over everything a few times.

Stella is just sitting here staring at me. She wants my undivided attention. And to play. Then sun is out and is seems to have made both girls restless. Ahhhhh but now they are each in their own sun beam. Essie is in the kitchen and Stella is in the living room (the back of our house faces south so we get full sun when it is out all along the windows all day).

Yesterday one of my customers brought me an almond danish from a local bakery. I will be having that a little later I think. Something to eat as I read and write. I am so behind with both right now!

I am thinking about driving into Traverse after my doctor appointment Wednesday (assuming I have the day off). If I plan it right I can get the screen on my phone fixed and look at laptops all at the same time. The field has been narrowed down to a Dell for my laptop. I am thinking Inspiron specifically. If I can look at and touch the machines while I talk to someone that will make things easier.

I did get some photos taken yesterday after I got home. I’ll download those and then I guess throw toys for the girls. when I am working on my phone they think I’m “playing” but if I am on my laptop I can keep going because that is “work” (another reason I need to get mine replaced). Thanks for listening to me rant. Stay safe!❤️

6 thoughts on “Where’s That Pause Button Again?”

  1. Well, LuAnn is 8 and pretty much a couch potato which isn’t good because she’s overweight. But she does like to run outside and bark at nothing, so that’s some exercise! Glad the sun is out some. I’m trying to get motivated to go out and do some yard work but it’s hard. We’re in Houston so the endless mowing and weed eating has started. Ugh! Both of your girls are beautiful!

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    1. Essie loves chasing her frisbee. She has jumped as high as my shoulders to get some of them (I’m 5’7”). I spent the day sitting outside trying NOT to do yard work. Lol. We still have hard frost in the mornings and and I’m sure winter will throw us more snow so I don’t want to uncover anything too soon. Up here in northern Michigan the weather has been off even for us.
      Thank you! Both girls send puppy kisses!


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