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Late Night

Ok. Here we are. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to read your posts posts this morning. What a mess! Wind all but blew a tree down on the road.

I should’ve been home two hours ago but one of my coworkers is having surgery tomorrow so I said I would stay. The girls have been fed and laundry is going. I need clothes for work.

It’s hard not having a laptop. Chris is trying to talk me into getting a desk top. It is easier to upgrade when needed but I don’t have the room in my office and I prefer to be able to move around when I use it. But we’ll see.

I’m watching the new season of the Masked Singer. My guilty pleasure! Lol. I tried the Masked Dancer and was appalled. I’ll stick with the Singer thanks.

I want to thank everyone for stopping in and reading both earlier and tonight! I really appreciate it! I hope you all have a good night! Stay safe!

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