A Dead Laptop and Other Tales

Well I guess my laptop is dead. I used it for the meeting last night and plugged it in. This morning it won’t even turn on. Means all my passwords are gonna have to change again. Sigh… I’m also glad that I did not wipe my memory sticks. That means I still have all my photos. And on my one stick I have some of Max before he died.

Essie and I were both sick last night. She didn’t eat very much dinner but she ate some. I think mine was a combination of bad salad and having such a busy and long day. I feel a little better this morning. Essie ate all her breakfast so she is better. She scared me last night because she didn’t even want her frisbee.

This will be a short one since I have to make sure I am out the door by 8:30am for the meeting. When I get home I’ll write both articles and send them in. We had a hard frost last night so I will be driving the car. If it is as nice as they say I may throw a leg over the motorcycle for a ride later today.

I see by the clock that I do need to wrap this up. Sorry it’s so short. I hope you enjoy the photos! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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