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Mom’s birthday

After I get this written I am going to finish up my letter to my pen pal then take my shower so I can head out the door. Part of me is angry because I have to cram so much into my day off. One day off at a time can be a pain. But I am also grateful because I have a beautiful day to be out and about in. Hopefully there will be minimal idiots out.

Essie wants me to play and love on her. She has been in and out a few times since I started this. Stella went back to bed with her Daddy when she found out I was doing this. For a while she hung out in here getting scratched while the laptop was booting. And I think I hear her… yep here she is. She was very needy last night too. Part of that is because she wants her squeaky ball that I put up last night.

I am trying to not let my negative aspect get in my head. The negative aspect wants everything a certain way and no other. She also wants it all now. And to be left alone until she wants attention. And…. you get the idea. I want to have a good day today.

I told Mom that I would try to be at her house by noon so we could get going early. I am hoping we can do lunch then wander around a little downtown. It would be nice to be outside for a while. Maybe go and wander the local bookstore and Craft store. But that will depend on how Mom feels. Sometimes she can’t go far without getting too winded to walk. Fingers are crossed that it is a good day for her. She needs to be out more as well.

I guess I’ll wrap this up. I snuck a few photos on the way to the garage yesterday morning. The moon was still hanging out looking cool in the morning light. And of course the girls need to be shown off, lol. I am adding a cartoon that made me cry last night. It is very much me and really reminded me of Moose last night. (And my poor patient husband who has to deal with me.)

Thank you for all the wonderful comments and the support! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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