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Wrong Place Wrong Time

Oh what a night…. Being followed by the police, helicopters and a reaction to medicine. Sigh. It started innocently enough. A coworker asked me to follow her home (she lives next door) after work last night. She had a headlight out and a police car had pulled into the parking lot when it looked like she as going to leave. Instead she pulled to the back by where I parked. By the time I finished counting my till he had left. I follow her home. As we turn on to our road… there he is waiting. She pulls into her driveway and I pass him, grab mail and park in the garage. He sat there for about 30 minutes after we got home. She left about 15 minutes after we got home. When the officer finally left he went the direction she did. I locked all our doors needless to say. Maybe an hour or so later a helicopter flew very low over head. It wasn’t lit up at all but for three red lights. It passed overhead atleast twice. Around 1:24am (I looked at the clock) a heard a gun shot across Valley Rd (just Northeast of the house).

Oh and the medicine. So I took some melatonin to sleep since my mind was all over. That worked for an hour. Then everything started itching. If I got my skin to stop itching then my throat would start and I would get coughing. I’m sure the poor girls kept getting woken up. Stella at one point was trying to cuddle with me but I was tossing and turning and coughing.

On a good note: When I got seeds for the seed exchange last week I got a kit for cherry tomatoes. It has a small pot etc to start your seeds in. The average time it takes for seeds to germinate is 4-6 weeks. I have sprouts as of yesterday. That’s less that a week. Go me!

Today I just want to hunker in and do nothing. But I want to get some writing done today. I need to do atleast one review that I promised. I’m angry at myself because I have dropped the ball several times with my reviews. Most of the time it is due to circumstances beyond my control but there are those lazy occasions. (And when the venue doesn’t pay I find myself dragging my feet more than not.)

I got some nice shots of the moon last night. This time my Nikon out shone my phone camera. I didn’t have enough time to get the tripod out though. So I had some shots that looked pretty shaky. The clouds were moving fast to cover and uncover the moon (mostly cover) so I took the shots and hoped for the best. A few turned out.

Ok, I’m staring at the pile of books beside me. I need to get going and get writing. Thanks for reading and caring! Stay safe!

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