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Looking Good

I did manage to get some amazing pictures yesterday. I am very excited to share them with everyone! I finally got my camera to take photos in the dark of the stars outside. It finally happened! Yay! I deleted the ones that I moved on while the shutter was open (some did look cool but it wasn’t what I was aiming for). I have two tripods that I can start using now that I have the camera dialed in. I think some of the photos will look better on a big screen (versus seeing them on a phone) because the stars are so small. Looking at them on my phone it just looks like black space but on my laptop I can see the details. I am pretty proud of them.

I am sitting in my office with the window open. The sun is out and a breeze is pushing it’s way back and forth across the yard. Both of which not only make me happy but they also melt the snow. It is supposed to rain later today as well.

Part of me doesn’t want to go to work. Not because of anything bad. I just want to stay home. I got a lot done yesterday that I wanted to do. My pen pal letter went out (not until around 6:30pm with the new carriers though), I got my interview written, submitted and published yesterday (I’ll share the link), I was able to spend time with Chris and the girls (because I made the choice not not try to call my parents on my day off… it sounds callous but if I call them then my whole day off is pretty much gone and nothing gets done) and I took some time for myself outside of the house (I had to get groceries so I just extended the drive).

WiHM 12: An Interview With Grace Kimball

I will have time before work to get things done so the question is what. Since the novel has been neglected I am thinking that will be what I focus on for atleast an hour. The girls weren’t happy when I did that yesterday (but I got my interview done). The flip side is that they were very happy with all the playing they got that afternoon and evening.

I am happy that February is over. It has not been a good month for me. And March is that much closer to Spring weather on a regular basis. Mom’s birthday is just around the corner as well. I need to ask her if we are doing dinner again this year. So here is to a new and better month! Thanks for reading and the awesome comments! Stay safe!

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