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Pinball Mind

I feel like I am on an island chronicling my stay. Lol. Day 6 of 6. The end is in sight! I close tonight then I have the next two days off. I am so tired though… I will get sleep tonight. I will not binge watch CSI. Lol. I do have a new short story collection that got released today. It dropped on my Kindle this morning so I made sure that it downloaded.

Sweet…. I forgot (with everything I had going on this week) that I had a meeting next Tuesday. Thus I had not handed in a note for my schedule next week. But I just sent a text to the store manager and he has taken care of it. It still feels weird to have my job take care of me.

I find that I am feeling better now that I am journaling again as well as doing this. So I guess I need to keep it up. I had a good talk with Mom last night. We took some trips down memory lane. She was really pleasant. Not that she isn’t normally but she was very positive and good energies. It was good conversation.

I am sorry this is a rambling piece. I am just so ready for a day off that my mind is all over the place. I got the plants watered this morning before I did this. My orange plant and my avocados are doing really well too. I got both of the orchids watered. One takes four ice cubes in her pot and the smaller one gets soaked in water for 15 minutes.

I worry about friends and family in Texas. They currently have Michigan weather and they are not at all equipped for it. Not even the transplants. It will be a wild ride for everyone this winter it seems.

I’ve not done much with the camera this week. I have taken some photos of the girls and my plants with my phone. I will probably share those instead of repeating some of my outdoor shots. Since I have all the focus of a bee on a windscreen I am gonna wrap this up. Stay safe and thanks for reading!

11 thoughts on “Pinball Mind”

      1. It’s a great sense of achievement. I had two in 2016 and lost one in 2018, but Ava the Avaocado is still growing strong, although she wants to be a tree but British weather would kill her pretty damn quick so she is potted only and she hates it.

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      2. I am the same way. I have to keep my trees (we had a banana tree for many many years) in pots. They live outside (in their pots) during the good weather and I bring them in during the fall and winter months. I have to say that my orange plant is my greatest achievement to date. I grew it from an orange pip that I recovered from an orange I was eating.

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      3. Gratz on the orange pip success – l do the same, Ava will go back out come the better weather – she prefers natural rainfall for watering puposes, but then she doezsn’t like lots of watering, so it can hard to balance especially in pot form.

        I will have to repot her soon and add in better drainage.

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      4. Thanks! I have been looking at a lot of my plants and thinking that I need to do some repotting myself. Mom and I are going to a local seed exchange the end of this month (we had to sign up for a time slot etc due to COVID) so I will probably be filling my empty pots with new seeds soon. 🥰

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