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A Little Better?

I finally wrote everything out in my journal. I feel a little better. Yesterday work was a mad house and that didn’t help. I couldn’t fall asleep until late. I just need to get through today and tomorrow. A friend at work has gotten us seating at on of the local restaurants for Saturday at 4pm. Yesterday was our 30th anniversary but we will be celebrating this weekend.

I got one article written and submitted and the interview questions sent out before work yesterday. When I got home (about half an hour late due to craziness at work) I printed the questions as well as her responses. I’ll read it over and tweak things. Then I can copy and paste things sprinkling what I need in. Hopefully I can submit it by tonight (I work til 3pm so I should be able to pull it off).

I am hoping I make it to work right now. My tummy isn’t doing too well. Since work is so close I’ll probably go to work and see what happens.

I mentioned earlier that we were celebrating our anniversary this weekend instead of on the day. I had hoped to have his two gifts for the actual day but no joy, I got him two Damascus knives that he wanted. I’ll share photos when they arrive. I received a leather satchel (buffalo hide) and a lovely leather journal. My satchel resembles the one Indian Jones carried in Raiders of the Lost Ark, one of my favorite movies.

I am going to wrap this up for today. Thanks for reading and your continued support! Stay safe! ❤️

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