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Holding On

I feel marginally better. Mentally I am still a mess but it has been contained somewhat. The highlight of yesterday is that the furnace went out on us. It was 54F (12C) in the house by the time it was going again. Outside it was even colder (in the negative with windchill). Work was freezing for everyone as well. Today won’t be much better as I am carry out so I will be doing a lot more outside.

In my dreams last night I was taking photographs with my Nikon from a small cruise ship at sunset. And it must have been Spring because it was chilly still but things were blooming and the colors were beautiful.

I’m watching the various birds peck away at the bark on the maple trees making bare spots in some areas. I feel a lot like the maples. Like I am being picked at and bits and pieces torn off.

I still haven’t written the articles and reviews. I am grateful for an understanding editor. I got up early (I couldn’t get to sleep and stay there) to do this and try to do one of the articles. We’ll see what happens. I know Essie wants some attention (I didn’t do much before work yesterday).

I just don’t know what else to write. I am trying to be optimistic but that will only get me so far. Not having Moose to help me through this is making it worse. He would always be by my side and cuddle when I needed to. The girls will but only for so long. Moose never cared as long as he was with me. I’d better stop here before I get to crying again. Thanks for reading and being patient with my meanderings. Stay safe.

6 thoughts on “Holding On”

  1. I hope it gets better. It is so very hard losing one of our dear companions. We just lost one of our 14 year old dogs, Cody, last week. I keep catching him out of the corner of my eye. There’s been many crying sessions. There is always a hole where they have been. Hopefully, it heals up some. Take care.

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