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Missing Me

And here we are again. It looks as though we got several more inches of snow over night. The plow trucks have been by several times. I don’t want to go to work. Truth be told I’d rather hibernate til Spring. I am tired of the cold and snow. I feel a funk coming on and there isn’t much I can do about it. This week has kicked my butt.

Essie has been my constant companion since Moose has been gone. Stella is there for me a lot more too. We played a lot yesterday. I am teaching Stella how to open the sliding glass door (Chris installed one of those electric door openers so we just push a pad on the door or use the remote). She’s slowly getting the hang of it.

I got nothing done yesterday. Atleast nothing beyond this and the article for the paper. I had to run and get groceries once Chris got up. But then he got called into work early. Then Dad and I talked pretty much from when he left until my alarm for my meeting went off (I am so grateful I set that alarm because I had forgotten about the meeting). Once that was over I pretty much went to bed. I fell asleep right away but I didn’t sleep for very long. I’d wake up every few hours and then not be able to fall asleep for an hour or more.

I wonder how busy we’ll be at work with the weather. I only work until 6pm. But I am wiped out. My day of rest wasn’t. I guess I should post this before it gets much later. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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