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Free Time

Aahhhh…. Sleep! Essie let me sleep until almost 8am. My only plans today are to write the final drafts of 2 articles and a book review then get them submitted. I have to remember to get yesterday’s meeting written up. I am so happy with having a day off I am worried I will forget both that and tonight’s meeting. I have an alarm set for tonight’s meeting.

It looks as thought the sun might stay out this morning. I tried to get some of the beautiful colors in the sky with the sun rise. I find it interesting that I can get more of the color using my phone’s camera than I can with the Nikon. The colors looked very blah or nonexistent. (Hint: if I watch another of my class videos I might find out what to do to fix this. Sigh.) But the sun is trying to peek out.

This post is taking longer than normal. Apparently the girls really missed me. I get one or both of them in here demanding attention every few minutes. I threw Essie’s frisbee outside for her. Stella as even up in my lap giving me kisses and hugs. Both got good scratches and belly rubs before I got out of bed this morning. Did I mention that is it good to be home?

I am looking around my office as I type this and my eyes fall on my Stephen King shelf (he actually has two, one for my hardbacks and one for my paperbacks). It has been awhile since I read (or reread) his work. But I need to finish reading my review book (I may be dragging my feet on that one because the stories are short enough for me to read on my 15 minute breaks at work and as I’m falling asleep at night). Buuuuuut that hasn’t stopped me before. Lol. Maybe I’ll pull out one of his novels later.

I feel as though I’ve shared nothing constructive. What do you like to do in your free time? Is there anything that you find relaxing or comforting that you would recommend? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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