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Gah! It is way too early! I hate closing at work then having to be back in the wee hours the next morning. I am usually up til 11pm or so anyway but that is not a good thing when I have to be up at 4:30am. On the plus side I got to spend some quality time with my family. So it was worth it.

Truth be told I probably would’ve gone to bed when I was supposed to but it was Super Bowl Sunday and the Buccaneers were playing. Not that I follow football much but if it has something to do with pirates I’m in. And they were a childhood favorite when the family watched football. I still would’ve been in bed but Tom Brady kept making the game better and better (unlike my damn “n” key on this keyboard). I didn’t watch the game but I would check the score every little bit. So I ended up staying up and watching CSI with Chris and the girls.

And here we are with almost no sleep. I keep telling myself that I get out early but I have to remember that I have a meeting tonight followed by a meeting Tuesday morning. So I need to be awake by 7am tomorrow to get the first article written and turned in. I’m going to have to wait to write the second article because I have to go to work pretty much right after the meeting tomorrow morning. All things being equal I might get a full night’s sleep tonight. Might.

I’m not sure what (if any) photos I have to share today. Some may be repeats if I don’t have anything new to share. On that note I will wrap this up so I can go warm up my car before work. (It has gotten to be a bitter cold here. I even warmed up my car after work last night it was so cold!) Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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