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Staring Out the Window

It’s a steady snow this morning. Still very cold with the wind chill. I sat down and figured out the writing projects that I have lined up. That would be 8. That includes the three articles I am writing for the paper. I am actually pretty impressed. They are not hard projects but they do require me to sit down and actually compose. I heard from the potential interviewee that she is interested in doing the interview so I will need to start pulling questions together. Which I just did. Lol. I no sooner typed that then I had some going through my head. I just have to keep track of the piece of paper.

I got some of the first book review done yesterday. There is still more that I need to add to it. I may work on that before work. I need to do some work on the novel. With everything going on it has gotten pushed to the side. Even if it is just a page of work. I had everything set up to work on character outlines a few days ago but never started. Maybe that will be today’s goal.

I am also trying to relax some. I know this might be the last time for a few days. The house is silent. I can hear the huge woodpecker outside pecking at the suet. I should probably go out at one point and make sure everything is filled up. I have been trying to keep an eye on it from the window. I am also fighting myself not to get up and get my camera. Lol. I need to anyway to download some photos but I will probably be in here clicking away instead of doing this.

I’m still not sure how everything seems to be happening this week. I have no idea when I am going to get my training for work scheduled. I have to be to work at 6am tomorrow so I planned to ask Tim what was available. Tuesday morning would be best since I have a 9am meeting that I have to drive to in Elk Rapids which is where I would be doing my training. I could do it after the meeting. However I have to work at 11am. So that means the meeting had better not last two hours or I’m going to be late! If I’m lucky the meeting will get out at 10am. Regardless I will be dressing for work just incase.

I supposed I have done enough noodling on the page for now. Time to tackle a project. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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