A Quick Showing

I did a whole lot of nothing when I got home yesterday. I played with the girls as much as I could. I didn’t study or work on my novel. I went to bed at a decent time. Annoyingly I was awake at 5am (my alarm was for 6am) because that has been what I woke up at the past two days. I doesn’t seem to matter how much sleep I get if I get up and it’s still dark out it doesn’t feel like I got any. Once it starts getting brighter earlier it will probably be ok but right now… ugh.

I am sitting here clock watching. I know I don’t have to be to work until 11am but my appointment to get my tires replaced is at 8am so I can be back here in time for work. Which means a long day for the girls. Chris needs to do some running before work today as well. I won’t be home until after 7pm (unless I can sneak home for a few before work). But I have tomorrow off. I can sleep in tomorrow too. Yay! Then Friday will be the big day. I get Moose’s paw print tattooed over my heart.

I took a few photos yesterday that I’ll share. And I see that I need to move with a quickness. I still need to warm up the car… Sorry this is so short. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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