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Getting It Done

Last night I didn’t sleep well. Or rather I would have if Stella hadn’t done her every little while barking routine. She did it about 3 times. Each time I was in a deep sleep. So now I am paying for it. On the plus side I did get a lot done last night after work. I got my workout in (and some extra routines as well), I talked to Mom, I got 2 videos for class watched and I got an appointment tomorrow morning at 8am to get new tires for Angus my Subaru. I have Thursday off and a meeting that night so I am hoping to sleep in. I can Friday as well but since I am getting my tattoo I don’t know if I will be able to sleep the night before.

I got a few photographs last night and one this morning (misty clouds going over the moon got a cool rainbow effect). I’ll share some of those with you. I switched up my class and I started my creative fiction course. It is intense enough that I feel like I am back in college. There is something like 36 lessons to it so information defiantly isn’t going to be crammed. I plan to go back and forth between the writing class and photography class. When I finish one of them I will add one of the other two waiting in the wings (guitar or creative nonfiction).

Truthfully I feel miserable this morning and would call in if I could. But I can’t so I just hope the day goes fast and well. I’m going to wrap this up and add some pictures. Thanks for reading. I hope everyone is well. Stay safe!

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