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Photography and Puppy Chaos

Mom and her girls came over but we pretty much stayed outside trying to introduce the girls. For about an hour we rotated through the girls letting them meet each other with a fence between them. Essie was having none of it and neither was Marie (one of Mom’s). Essie would try to go after either of Mom’s girls (we rotated each girl one at a time so it was a one on one). Stella was actually very good. She just wanted to play. Renne (Mom’s other dog… her two are sisters) just wanted to go home. In the end we just decided to try to get together every other week to try again. If Mom is moving out here they will have to be around one another. So Mom came in briefly while we exchanged gifts then I gave her the tour of the garage (she hasn’t seen it finished… as a matter of fact she drove right by because she didn’t recognize the house with the garage).

I have learned that I know more about photography than I thought I did. I started some photography classes yesterday afternoon after everyone left. I did two lessons (each one is 30 minutes before homework). I am thinking of two lessons every other day. I’ll try it for a week and see what I think. So far I like the class.

I find it interesting that I can take better photos with my phone sometimes. I am hoping that I can get my Nikon to function better… well I guess it is more me learning to use it than getting the camera to “work” but you get the point. Night shots seem to work better on my phone than the Nikon. As I learn more about all the bells and whistles for the Nikon I will share photos so you can see my progress. And my fellow photographers please feel free to share any tips or suggestions!

I see by the clock that I need to get going if I am going to be to work on time. Thanks for reading and sharing your insights! Stay safe!

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