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Dropping the Ball

The sun is out so hopefully that is a good sign for the day. I spent a lot of yesterday and most of last night anxious about Mom and her girls coming over today. I didn’t sleep well despite my best efforts. And when I did sleep it was with weird dreams. The closer I get to them arriving (not til 2pm so I get a while to build up a good freak out) the more I worry. I hope that me worrying is a sign that things will go well. I would rather freak out for mothing.

I got nothing done yesterday. No writing. No reading. No exercising. I played a lot with the girls and spent the evening after work with the family. I need to atleast get my workout done today. I did find out that a friend at work’s mom is a writer. She and I chat once in a while when she comes in to shop. We both love the same horror icons too. But she does her own vlog (video blog) and a book that she edited is being released soon. I am super excited for her! If I can figure out how to get the link here I will share it (my laptop is not connected to social media so I need to do it with my phone).

Today seems to be loaded with anxieties for me. My mind is just dredging up all kinds of worries right now all the sudden.

The little birds are comfortable enough with me now that when I got to fill the feeder they just hop to a branch to be out of the way. I could reach out and touch them if I wanted to. I always talk to them to tell them what I am doing. Especially if I am getting the scolding chirps. Lol.

I will add a few photos and put this out. I’m sorry it’s not more. My heart just isn’t in it today. Too busy freaking out. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Dropping the Ball”

    1. I do. If I plan to take an easy day I don’t panic as much (I still find myself thinking about what I could be doing instead). But yes if I gave myself plans and fail I will have anxiety. More do now because I know I can do it and I feel so accomplished afterward. You are not alone!❤️ Thanks for sharing your experience!


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