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Many Many Projects

Well I am up earlier than normal (I don’t have to be to work until 2pm). The girls are back asleep. I thought I might try to sleep later but once my mind started working forget it. I’m not feeling very motivated. I talked with both my parents yesterday (I am beginning to think this is a form of procrastination for me). Dad apparently got inspired to start working on his big “to do” list. Mom and her crew are supposed to come out Monday afternoon to exchange gifts and to introduce the girls (she has two girls as well). I have all of Monday morning to write but I start thinking that it will mess up my writing rhythm (you have to be writing to have a rhythm to mess up self) and and and…. I am making excuses.

I notice that a lot of my plants are beginning to die despite my best efforts. I think a part of it is because it gets so dry during the winter and the lack of sun. Another problem is mites. I get rid of them for a while but then the little s.o.b.s come back. I have tried all the natural stuff I can think of. So I guess once again I will dump the dead plants outside and keep cultivating the survivors. I am really disappointed. Both my orchids are still doing well and the two avocados are going strong. I notice that my Christmas cactus is budding again as well. So all is not lost.

Today I need to fill the bird feeder again. All is quiet out there. Usually there is atleast one small bird hanging out. A very light dusting of snow is falling from the sky. You have to look hard to see it. Part of me wishes I was already at work so I could have the rest of my day but I have Monday off regardless so I guess it’s no biggie. Today is also an exercise day. Bah humbug. But I am noticing a difference (for the good) so I will keep going with it. I am tempted to do it before work just to have it done but if late evening has been working for my body I kinda hate to change that. (For those that have been asking about the workout it is in the January/February 2021 issue of Women’s Health pages 88-93.) So I guess I’ll wait til I get home to do my workout.

I also need to add some photos to my shop. I didn’t do that yesterday. The biggest pain is adding the title, description and then five tags so people can search for it and find it. Twelve photos can take 15 minutes or longer. Then I wait a day for them to ok the photos before they add them to my shop. So I suppose I ought to do that. I’d better get myself motivated and get stuff done before work. Thanks for reading and all the lovely comments! Stay safe!

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