Pushing Forward While Pulling Back

This morning is a late post even for me. I spent more time reading other blogs this morning than normal. I’m glad I did. We have such a wonderfully diverse collection of writers on here!

The huge woodpecker is back. I mean this bird is almost as big as a crow! Earlier it was mostly blue jays. And for the record trying to get a photo of this guy…. I really have to work at it. It’s like he knows when I’m going to take a photo and moves just enough so that he is behind the trunk he is going up. Perfect example from this morning: I am writing this he has been sitting there for about 10 minutes just chilling out. I decide to go get the camera from the other room for a picture. I quietly get the camera and don’t even go near the window (mind you I’ve not gone back to my office to take the photo) and he just takes a few hops up the trunk and out of sight. And just sits there.

It looks like the sun is trying to come out. I do need to get some more photos today. I also need to go through and add some more to my store. I see that people have been looking but not one has purchased anything yet. But I am glad that people are atleast looking. I want to take the time to read some of their blogs on what to do with my site. I might upgrade after a few months.

So yesterday Moose’s death hit me fresh at work all over again. I couldn’t stop crying. I am grateful for the understanding of my coworkers and customers. In the midst of that I got ahold of the local tattoo shop and got an appointment to get Moose’s paw print tattooed on my chest above my heart. Two weeks from yesterday or February 5th. Just a month after he died. I will share a photo once it has been completed. His paw will not only represent him but all of the fur babies I have had over the years. I am still trying to figure out a good memorial tattoo for all of them. I keep coming back to something around my ankle like bones with their initials or some thing like that.

Ha! Victory is mine! I managed to get photos of both types of woodpeckers at the feeder! Ooooo! I got a third type of woodpecker too! Bonus! And yes I will share. Lol. On that note I will wrap this up so I can share the photos with you and then get writing on my novel (today’s goal is one page). Thanks for reading and commenting! Stay safe!

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