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Snow Squalls Inside and Out

Apparently Mother Nature is catching up with all the snow we were supposed to have already. We got another lake effect snow storm last night. The bottom step of the porch is now flush with the top of the deck. The top of the step is about 4 inches from the top of the deck. Poor Essie is almost up to her tummy in snow. I might have to start putting on the winter coats that Mom made them. The wind makes things ever colder. It took a lot of coaxing but Stella went out to go potty. Normally she would turn around and go back to bed after breakfast with weather like this but I was able to get her out without having to push her out the door. Essie was a jewel and just went out.

I am a bit angry with myself. I haven’t worked on my novel like I promised myself. Yesterday I Facetimed with Dad then I chatted with Mom. Mind you it has been a few weeks since I have been able to talk with Dad (I also helped him doing his online groceries since he has been putting it off for a long time…. I won’t say how long just trust me) and Mom and I haven’t talked in a week or more. So this was a good thing. But that was my evening. Work was busier than busy so by the time I put my phone down I was exhausted. I finished up the last of the laundry and a quick load of dishes and headed for bed.

I need to figure out when in my routine I can do my writing. Tonight I have my exercise routine that I have to do (ugh) and I can fit that in. Why is it so hard to squeeze in my novel? I have made myself get up early to do this. Mornings first thing aren’t good for the novel. I tried. So that leaves afternoons and evenings. I can’t do it right after work because of the girls. So maybe go to bed a little earlier and work on it there? I’d like to do it every night but maybe every other day I have to work on the novel but if I do on the “off” days that is ok too. (I’m trying to break up my to do stuff so that I’m not jamming all kinds of new stuff in at once and getting overwhelmed.)

This post is taking me longer than normal. I keep hearing things at the bird feeder behind me and I have been trying to get a few photos in. Fortunately I have my extended lens in so I can stay sitting and still get a good picture through the window. I did take a few while I was talking with Dad last night as well. I’ll get those added and get going for work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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