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Add a Bit of Snow

Feels like I just got up yet it is almost time to go to work. We did get the promised snow last night. It is almost up to Essie’s belly. The girls are really good about going out together after breakfast. Come to think of it the seem to eat at the same pace as well. Stella isn’t gulping her food down as much.

As I look out the window I see that the bird feeder area is busy after all the snow. I see blue jays, tufted titmouse (mice?) and mourning doves to name a few. I’ll need to get more bird seed after work. I have to make a small list of things so I don’t forget. There isn’t much.

Today is a day that I want to stay home. Mostly to read. I got two more research books yesterday and they are both very good. The Worlds Favorite Ghost Stories complied by Tony Brueski and Campfire Macabre edited by Brhel and Sullivan. Ghost Stories has classical ghost stories written by long dead authors who are probably ghosts themselves. The stories are a bit long but very good. Campfire Macabre is a collection of shorter short stories that are also very good. The shorter stories make it easier to get through in a quick sitting on break at work. I also know one of the authors in the collection.

This is a tee that Chris got me I honor of Moose. ❤️🐾

I guess I had better wrap this one up and send it out so I can get going to work. Where did the morning go? We’ll see how fast the rest of the day goes! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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