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Good Research 🧐

We slept in a bit this morning. Essie is gently snoring beside me on the love seat. Stella has gone back to bed with her Daddy. The sky is a powder grey. Winds wax and wane. What snow we had is almost gone. Just in time for the “storm” we might get starting tonight or tomorrow. A wapping 1-2 inches each day. 🙄

Yesterday it was hard to go to work because I had gotten knee deep in research for my novel. I was finding out that my random choices for topic (werewolves) and location (Italy) did indeed go together very very well! I am so very excited! Further research is also lending itself to a lovely plot twist. (Sorry to be so vague. Part of it is I am still working out details and the other part is I don’t like to share too much what I am involved in a story. It’s like picking up the lid to peek in when you are trying to cook something. You let the heat out and there’s not much to look at.)

I went to bed happy and content but I seem to have woken up feeling lost and alone. I’m not sure what I was dreaming about last but I think that has something to do with it. I am hoping to get some more work done on the novel once I get home tonight. It feels like Friday but it also feels like it shouldn’t be Friday. I had to go check my work schedule. I work an hour later than I thought. (Later as in longer not that I go in later.)

I did get a few photos taken that I’ll share. Looking at the clock I’d better get moving. Time has gotten away from me again. Thanks for reading and all your wonderful support! And as always stay safe! ❤️

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