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Puppies and Writing, A Wintry Mix

I’m not sure how much time extra to give myself this morning. Overnight it was a rain/ice mix that fell from the sky. A plow truck has gone by sprinkling sand to help with any ice on the roads. I usually leave a half hour before the meeting. Hmmmm… Glad I don’t need to scrape the car or anything!

Essie is out here in the living room with me again. Chris got her to eat after he got up and she has eaten both dinner last night as well as breakfast this morning. I will give her another day to see how she does. If she is still improving then I will cancel Friday’s vet appointment.

Part of me really wishes that they would Zoom this morning’s meeting (they haven’t done that at all even with everything going on) but then the other part of me is glad fir the adventure of getting to go some place out of the norm. I do need to make sure that I have warm stuff on when I leave. Or atleast have it in the car with me. Since I am usually too hot on a regular basis and only have a short distance to go for work I am usually only wearing a light jacket. If I am driving any distance I try to have extra gear. Just in case.

Essie and I stopped playing at 5:20pm yesterday and just looked at each other. Then I said to her, “It has been exactly a week down to the minutes since we lost Moose.”

It has been dark and dreary (or dark or dreary) so I’ve only taken photos of the girls. They have been playing more (I don’t think Stella really cares since he is no longer around to vie for our affections). Stella I think would be happier as a single dog. But she has to cope with Essie being the eldest and, especially now, getting more attention. I try to be equal but when Stella starts being a little turd….

Once I get home I need to write and submit both my articles. I need desperately to get the laptop back online because it is very tedious writing everything on my phone. That being said I am grateful to have that as an option. I may spend the rest of the day off and on with one of the novels. Probably my horror novel since that one is inching forward.

I see by the clock that I need to start getting ready to go. Wish me luck! Thanks for reading and thanks for the love and support!❤️🐾 Stay safe!

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