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What To Do

Another morning sitting in the dark. Essie still won’t eat so I’m going to call the vet on my break today. I don’t know what else to do. We’ve tried everything.

It has been a week today that I had to let Moose go. How has time gone so fast?

Today is the start of my busy week. I work until 3pm at the store then a meeting tonight, another meeting tomorrow morning at 9 am followed by another meeting Wednesday night. I have tomorrow off so I can get both articles written and submitted by Tuesday afternoon. I will still write the article for Thursday’s meeting Friday morning but it won’t appear until next week’s issue. I can relax next week as I have no meetings.

I hope to get some more done on my novel but I’m not going to push too hard with everything I’ve got going on. I think Saturday will be a good day to try to get some more done. We’ll see how that goes.

I see that time has gotten away from me again. I need to get dressed and get out the door. Thanks for reading and stay safe! ❤️

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