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Trying a Little More

The rain from yesterday turned to snow and we got enough to cover the ground and trees. Not a lot but is is a bit slushy. I’ve not seen or heard any traffic for a few hours. All is quiet. Definitely a stay at home day.

I am hoping to get more research done as well as get atleast a page written for the novel. I keep telling myself that even if I just write a page a day I will have a full length novel at the end of the year. And if I get multiple pages in a day then on those days when the writing just won’t come I still have my page for that day.

Everyone is up this morning including Chris and it has thrown me off. I am used to quiet and not really talking until atleast two hours after I get up. Speaking to another human before my normal time is off putting. But I think the big thing is that it snowed. The rain had melted most of what we had and it was actually warming up. We could see and feel Spring in the near future. Then this. I know it should be expected but that does not change how I feel about it.

The girls have been very busy that past few nights after I got home. I have played with them as much as I could. We have also decided that they girls will start getting chicken or beef in their kibble at night. Breakfast will still be canned and kibble (with broth). Hopefully that will help keep them healthy.

I might try to get outside (ooo! A car just drove by!) and take some photos. I should actually. I’ve not done much lately. I am looking at taking a class though. Maybe with some more tools at my disposal (knowing more about how to take photographs) I can get back into my groove. It is a nice companion piece to my writing, it gives me another creative outlet.

Speaking of creative outlets I need to wrap this up so I can start digging back into my research. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

Ed. Note: We are having internet issues so I will try to upload some photos later today. 🙄😳

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Good Research 🧐

We slept in a bit this morning. Essie is gently snoring beside me on the love seat. Stella has gone back to bed with her Daddy. The sky is a powder grey. Winds wax and wane. What snow we had is almost gone. Just in time for the “storm” we might get starting tonight or tomorrow. A wapping 1-2 inches each day. 🙄

Yesterday it was hard to go to work because I had gotten knee deep in research for my novel. I was finding out that my random choices for topic (werewolves) and location (Italy) did indeed go together very very well! I am so very excited! Further research is also lending itself to a lovely plot twist. (Sorry to be so vague. Part of it is I am still working out details and the other part is I don’t like to share too much what I am involved in a story. It’s like picking up the lid to peek in when you are trying to cook something. You let the heat out and there’s not much to look at.)

I went to bed happy and content but I seem to have woken up feeling lost and alone. I’m not sure what I was dreaming about last but I think that has something to do with it. I am hoping to get some more work done on the novel once I get home tonight. It feels like Friday but it also feels like it shouldn’t be Friday. I had to go check my work schedule. I work an hour later than I thought. (Later as in longer not that I go in later.)

I did get a few photos taken that I’ll share. Looking at the clock I’d better get moving. Time has gotten away from me again. Thanks for reading and all your wonderful support! And as always stay safe! ❤️

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A Stumble

Good morning all… this will probably be a short one. I still need to get my article written. I’m not feeling all that great and tried to sleep in but that didn’t work. So I got up and fed the girls and Stella has curled up beside me in the love seat and Essie is snoozing on the couch.

People keep asking me if it is getting any easier since Moose died. The only thing that has gotten easier is to hide the pain and misery from others. Most people don’t understand since Moose was “just a dog” in their eyes. So I don’t bother to explain. I just smile and nod and lick my heart up a little deeper inside.

Last night’s meeting lasted almost three hours! For the last bit of it I mostly played with the dogs. They were tweaking their mission statement for the group as well as a presentation they were going to give. So once the main topic had been covered I stayed on incase something else came up. Nope.

I just want to go back to bed but there is no point. I’ve got things to do and would toss and turn because of that. And I need to get the article written. I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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I am a bit behind this morning but I’m trying not to stress out. I still need to fill out pap work for my insurance so I can hand it in today. But I am making myself NOT go over everything that I didn’t do. I’m not going to beat myself up over what didn’t get done.

What did get done was both articles in short order. I don’t know if the second one was too long or not. I cut as much as I could and I can’t check my word count on my phone. I can count by hand but I had to have them both in by noon and I cut it very close because the meeting ran long so I didn’t get home til around 11am.

I also took some random photos in the yard so I have something new to share. I’ve got another meeting tonight so I plan on writing the article that one before I do this tomorrow morning. It shouldn’t take too long. If I have enough light I may try some photos before I write this as well. We’ll see.

I’m struggling not to write about what is going on in my part of the world. Things just seem to get worse. You don’t know who is telling the truth and who is lying because you can make a good case for whatever your view with everything that is going in here. It’s just overwhelming. And nobody wants to hear someone else’s viewpoint. Because they are wrong. There is so much hate going on right now. Families and friends are being torn apart by the hatred as well. Every conversation becomes heat of the moment. People’s feelings get hurt too easily. Everyone gets butt hurt instead of trying to compromise or find another way. It’s heartbreaking and scary.

I hate to end in that note but I’ve got just enough time to get my paperwork filled out. I hope everyone has a great day. Thanks for reading! Stay safe and stay strong.❤️

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Puppies and Writing, A Wintry Mix

I’m not sure how much time extra to give myself this morning. Overnight it was a rain/ice mix that fell from the sky. A plow truck has gone by sprinkling sand to help with any ice on the roads. I usually leave a half hour before the meeting. Hmmmm… Glad I don’t need to scrape the car or anything!

Essie is out here in the living room with me again. Chris got her to eat after he got up and she has eaten both dinner last night as well as breakfast this morning. I will give her another day to see how she does. If she is still improving then I will cancel Friday’s vet appointment.

Part of me really wishes that they would Zoom this morning’s meeting (they haven’t done that at all even with everything going on) but then the other part of me is glad fir the adventure of getting to go some place out of the norm. I do need to make sure that I have warm stuff on when I leave. Or atleast have it in the car with me. Since I am usually too hot on a regular basis and only have a short distance to go for work I am usually only wearing a light jacket. If I am driving any distance I try to have extra gear. Just in case.

Essie and I stopped playing at 5:20pm yesterday and just looked at each other. Then I said to her, “It has been exactly a week down to the minutes since we lost Moose.”

It has been dark and dreary (or dark or dreary) so I’ve only taken photos of the girls. They have been playing more (I don’t think Stella really cares since he is no longer around to vie for our affections). Stella I think would be happier as a single dog. But she has to cope with Essie being the eldest and, especially now, getting more attention. I try to be equal but when Stella starts being a little turd….

Once I get home I need to write and submit both my articles. I need desperately to get the laptop back online because it is very tedious writing everything on my phone. That being said I am grateful to have that as an option. I may spend the rest of the day off and on with one of the novels. Probably my horror novel since that one is inching forward.

I see by the clock that I need to start getting ready to go. Wish me luck! Thanks for reading and thanks for the love and support!❤️🐾 Stay safe!

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What To Do

Another morning sitting in the dark. Essie still won’t eat so I’m going to call the vet on my break today. I don’t know what else to do. We’ve tried everything.

It has been a week today that I had to let Moose go. How has time gone so fast?

Today is the start of my busy week. I work until 3pm at the store then a meeting tonight, another meeting tomorrow morning at 9 am followed by another meeting Wednesday night. I have tomorrow off so I can get both articles written and submitted by Tuesday afternoon. I will still write the article for Thursday’s meeting Friday morning but it won’t appear until next week’s issue. I can relax next week as I have no meetings.

I hope to get some more done on my novel but I’m not going to push too hard with everything I’ve got going on. I think Saturday will be a good day to try to get some more done. We’ll see how that goes.

I see that time has gotten away from me again. I need to get dressed and get out the door. Thanks for reading and stay safe! ❤️

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The First Day At Home

This morning has dawned dark and cold. Even though we should have some form of daylight coming through it is still nighttime dark.

I can hear Essie’s tummy gurgling all the way in here. She wouldn’t eat breakfast but she has camped out in the living room while I am in my office doing this (the phone didn’t charge overnight so I am writing this while it’s plugged in). Stella ate but she did spend almost half an hour outside doing whatever she was doing this morning. And that was before she ate.

I did get laundry done but that was it. I talked to both my parents but my conversation with Dad got cut short because the battery died. No “You have 20% left” just blip and gone. It took seemingly forever to get enough charge to send him a message to let him know what had happened. I still want to send an email with more explanation.

I read and tried to do research while Chris was asleep but I kept dozing off. As it was I was done for the night around 6:30pm. I did get some new ideas written down for the novel so it was not a total loss. Lol.

I have no new photos to share so I will have to hit the archives. I get out at 6pm tonight so no chance of doing any photography after work. But I will see if there is something somewhere that needs it’s picture taken. Thanks for reading and stay safe!


A Low Blow

Today’s post will be short. I woke up around 1:30am with a nasty panic attack and my body in rebellion. It got bad enough that I almost went to the ER but I hurt so bad there was no way I could drive. Essie only got up every two hours last night.

Right now I feel like I’ve been hit by a Mack truck and dragged for a few mikes. I guess it’s a good thing I am getting my own insurance through work soon. It doesn’t help that today will be the first day I am home all day without Moose. He really was my emotional support dog which made my attack last night get so bad. All I had to hold was his blanket and collar.

Essie is out here with me on the couch. I’m going to spend my time reading and taking notes. A bright spot to all this is I rediscovered all my werewolf research so I plan to haul those out to help with the horror novel.

I hope everyone’s day is going better than mine. Thanks for reading and as always stay safe!

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A Frosty Lense

My phone has been busier than normal with the laptop down and the meeting last night. I did manage to get the article written and sent this morning. It was a difficult choice whether or not to put it off and do it tomorrow. Essie had to go out at 22 minutes past the hour EVERY HOUR last night. I finally got angry at 1:22am and she didn’t ask to go out until Chris got home around 3:30am. But then 4:22am guess who had to go out. And 5:22am and 6:22am. Since I got up at 7am she has not gone out more than once. 🙄

As I wrote the above both girls came into my office. Stella wanted out but Essie is pacy and can’t seem to settle anywhere.

This morning dawned a cold hard frost. I went out and got a few photos to share. I keep looking for Moose to call him in…. 😢

There is not much to say since it has been work and covering the meeting with a few sprinkles of sleep. I will download the photos from my camera to share and then get ready for work. I just have to make it one more shift (albeit longer than intended since I said I’d come in an hour early to cover a shift) and a day off.

Thanks for sticking with me and reading my posts. As always stay safe!

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My Little Bubble

Essie and I are out here in the living room this morning. It is hard not having the laptop online but I want to sit down with Chris to reset up my internet connection and that can’t happen until Saturday. So tonight’s meeting will be on my phone as well. I set myself an alarm since I can promise I won’t remember once I get home. Once I get home I just spend time with the girls and remembering Moose.

I just want to stay home today. I’ve not really had time to process everything. They vet got here at 5pm or so and I had to work the next day. And the next four all told. (This isn’t work’s fault. I picked the next day I had off once I got my schedule for Moose since he was getting worse quickly.)

An interesting thing happened at work yesterday. I caught a shoplifter and got him to pay for everything. I wasn’t going to say anything since no one else was there but I mentioned it to the day shift manager and she said I needed to tell the store manager. When all was said and done I got handed a check for $100 and a thank you.

Since Moose has been gone the usual sleeping arrangement seems to be one pup at my back/beside me and the other at/between my legs. I am still having my crying jags but they are easier to hide. Once I am alone though all bets are off.

I have had time (or light) to take any photos except a few of the girls. I’ll see if I can find some good ones to repeat from previous posts. I

am overwhelmed at the wonderful support from my readers! Thank you again for reaching out and sharing your stories!❤️🐾

Thanks for reading and stay safe!